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Build compliant, protected and secure cryptocurrency platforms at speed

Fast & Easy API Solutions

Coincover's APIs enable our approved partners to integrate with our Protected by Coincover products. Our APIs help our partners build and extend their cryptocurrency products and services with our intuitive and secure access interfaces. You will be able to create multi-sig wallets, generate and store wallet backup keys, and manage insurance cover and payments.

Fast & Secure

It's easy to integrate with our APIs and getting set up is easy, fast and secure. Our APIs follow the REST standard for APIs along with a JSON specification for faster development and testing.

Support Team

We provide a free sandbox environment with dedicated developer support every step of the way to navigate through all the complexities of launching a crypto Deposit Protection and Insurance offering.


We offer a seamless, compliant integration for Deposit Protection and Insurance products for cryptocurrencies for proposition enhancement and revenue generating opportunities.

API Docs

Our API platform lets you easily deliver Protect by Coincover solutions integrating seamlessly with your products and services. Documentation and sample code is available for each API.

Cryptocurrency Deposit Protection and Insurance

  • Activate new accounts
  • Initiate cover
  • View reports
  • Initiate claims
Deposit Protection and Insurance API Docs

What our APIs can do for your business

"With the Protected by Coincover platform, businesses create value propositions and revenue opportunities by making cryptocurrency ownership completely safe for the fast-growing numbers of customers looking to get started in cryptocurrency investments."​
David Janczewski

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