$1M of crypto Deposit Protection Guarantee for just $2 a month!

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Better than bank deposit protection for your cryptocurrency with up to $1M of Deposit Protection cover (10x what banks offer) for only $24 a year or $2 per month.​​

Backed by Lloyd's of London, it’s the world’s first deposit protection guarantee for your crypto!​

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Let’s break it all down…​

Account set up
Cover of up to $1M across all your BitGo Wallets​
A certificate of protection which is personally tailored to you​
Guaranteed access to funds in the case of business failure​​
A personal policy where you are the named beneficiary in the event you have an issue in accessing your crypto
The money in your bank account is protected by government regulations, and now you can get the same cover for your crypto while still retaining custody!​

Key features

Maintain complete control of your wallets

Strong protection against identity fraud

Automatically add new wallets as you create them

24 x 7 x 365 support with quick recovery turn-around

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Guaranteed access

You expect and depend on safe and secure access to funds. Coincover guarantees fund access even in the event of a business going bust.​

Direct ownership​

You are no longer forced to choose between handing over control to a third party and worrying about the security of your funds.​

Protect multiple wallets​

No limits on the digital wallets covered. Access to your cryptocurrency at all times knowing your funds are always protected.​

With Coincover Deposit Guarantee, your cryptocurrency is protected to ensure your funds are always accessible.

What makes it special?​

This is the world's first policy where you can be sure you will be compensated in the event you are not able to access your funds.​
Forget having to remember any pin or mnemonic phrase.
No need to write anything down for someone else to find.​
Gain freedom and peace of mind for your crypto holdings without giving up custody getting started is a click away.​

How it works...

What is the Deposit Protection Guarantee?​

The Coincover Deposit Protection Guarantee for cryptocurrency protects customers when authorised Cryptocurrency services and firms fail, and they lose access to their cryptocurrency. The scheme ensures that customers will always be able to recover their funds in the event of lost access.

Coincover will recover the funds to a new wallet of the customers choosing.

When can I claim on the Deposit Protection Guarantee?​

In the event that a business with Coincover Deposit Protection Guarantee ceases operations due to business failure, catastrophic systems failure, or catastrophic data loss that results in its customers being permanently unable to access funds in their wallets, the Deposit Guarantee scheme will access and recover funds on their customers behalf.

What happens if I need to claim on the Deposit Protection Guarantee?​

In the event that a business with Coincover Deposit Protection Guarantee ceases operations as described above, Coincover will manage the recovery and movement of funds to another service provider or alternative wallet for any customer who can no longer access their wallets and funds.

Customers will be provided with the relevant contact details following the incident. For security purposes, recovery will only take place once the customer passes full ID verification checks and is confirmed as the wallet holder.

How do I know if a business is protected by the Coincover Deposit Protection Guarantee?​

Businesses with Coincover Deposit Protection Guarantee will show on their website that they are protected by displaying the Coincover deposit protection logo. Customers can and should also check the status of the deposit protection guarantee at the Coincover website where the certificate of coverage will be stored for public viewing.

How do I know if my wallet is protected?​

In the majority of cases where a business displays on site that its customers have Deposit Guarantee, the customer is protected automatically when they create an account and receive confirmation that their funds are protected by Coincover Deposit Protection Guarantee. If you are not sure or didn’t receive a confirmation, please always check with your provider.

Can I use the Deposit Protection Guarantee if I have lost access myself?​

Coincover is able to recover funds should a customer lose access to their wallet. In the case the customer loses access they should first contact the company they are doing business with and follow the fund recovery process.

How long does a Deposit Guarantee recovery take?​

Coincover is committed to recovering your funds as quickly as possible. However, each customer recovering their funds must pass full ID verification checks and be confirmed as the wallet holder before the recovery can take place and must be processed individually. Typically a standard fund recovery will take 7 days from the recovery request.

However, in the event that a business with Coincover Deposit Protection Guarantee ceases operations and funds become inaccessible, this will result in large volumes to process and is likely to take longer. If this is the case, we will keep all customers informed of the progress of recoveries.

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