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Protect your crypto for just $2 a month!

Exclusive to BitGo customers!

Get the world's first personal cryptocurrency protection for your wallets provided by Coincover and backed by Lloyds of London insurers up to a value of $10,000 for $24 per year.

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What you get

Protection against hacks

Most attacks covered including brute force, cyber, scams, malware, device theft, insider theft and extortion.​

Unlimited wallets

Protect as many wallets as you like within agreed cover limit.

Cover for most coins

Protect 200+ coins and tokens in your own wallet.

Direct ownership

Maintain full control of your assets, passcodes and private keys.

Fast payments

We process claims quickly and make payouts within 48 hours of a valid claim identified.

No excess

No initial deductible to pay in the event of a claim.

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It takes less than a minute to sign up for a Coincover account​.

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How it works...

Theft Cover is an annual plan that protects you against the theft of your cryptocurrency held in an approved wallet. It offers a fiat currency equivalent payment of the cryptocurrency value at the time and date of theft.​

What's covered in Theft Cover?​

All theft and loss of cryptocurrency funds resulting from:

- Proven third-party hacks or theft of private keys including: Brute force attack, cyber attacks, phishing software, malicious software, trojans, worms, hacking, device theft, insider attack, criminal extortion.
- Loss of wallet keys

What’s not included in Theft Cover?​

We only cover digital currencies held in approved wallets. At the moment these are BitGo multi-sig wallets. We do not cover digital currency held on an exchange or in wallets where Coincover does not hold the backup key.

For approved wallets we only have two exclusions:
- Willful sending of digital currency by you or someone authorised by you.
- Failure of a digital currency blockchain.

Which cryptocurrencies do you protect?​

Coincover protects the following currencies:

- Bitcoin
- Bitcoin Cash
- Bitcoin SV
- XRP (Ripple)
- Stellar
- Dash
- ZCash
- Litecoin

We also currently support 200+ ERC20 standard tokens.

Who are your insurance partners?​

Coincover Comprehensive Cover is underwritten by Lloyd's of London members.

Are there any restrictions?​

- You must own the cryptocurrency assets and they must be held in a BitGo wallet with Coincover.
- The most we will pay is the cover level you have selected.
- We may pay less if the value of cryptocurrency stolen is below that limit.
- Theft Cover offers no excess/deductible facility.
- Theft Cover may not be transferred or assigned to any third party without our written agreement.
- Theft Cover will not apply if payments are not up to date.

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