Protect your customers’ digital currency investments

Safeguarding your customers’ digital currency gives them the confidence to invest and preserves the integrity of the cryptocurrency ecosystem.


Making digital investments simple, safe and secure for everyone.

Digital currency and cryptocurrency investments no longer need to be taken offline to keep them fully secure. We protect your digital currency, allowing you to safely access it in real time, and keeping it secure at all other times.

We protect 100+ digital currencies


Offer your clients extra security and protection.

Working with cryptocurrency exchanges, asset managers, hedge funds, and banks, Coincover for business offers our clients complete security for their digital assets. Our bespoke, managed service offers: 


 24/7 wallet monitor

Protect your digital currency at all times with early-warning alerts for suspected attacks.


Lost key cover

Lost your private key? We can help you to recover the funds in your digital wallet.


Theft protection

Rest easy with a 100% insurance-backed guarantee in case of digital currency theft.


No matter how you hold your digital currency, we can protect you

  • Coincover provides businesses with large digital currency investments complete security tailored to their requirements.

  • We help our business clients secure their cryptocurrency. We provide insurance-backed guarantees against funds being stolen or lost.

  • Working in partnership with BitGo, we protect cryptocurrency in both online and offline secure storage.

  • Hot storage protection ensures security in real time, with no break in service.

  • We also offer collusion protection with multiple sign-off models possible.

Banking and financial institutions

If you want to offer your customers fully underwritten, peace-of-mind insurance, then step into our office!

We work with banks, hedge funds and asset managers to ensure their customers’ digital assets and investments have the tightest security.

With Coincover for business, you can offer:

Fully compliant and regulated theft insurance, underwritten by our triple A-rated insurance partners

  • 24/7 wallet monitoring, with early-warning suspected attack alerts

  • Unlimited lost key recovery when private keys are lost

  • Collusion protection

We provide a fully customised, managed service to suit your business needs. Get in touch today to see how we can help your company.


Wallet service providers (WSPs) and exchanges

The cryptocurrency and digital currency industry is tightening up, but there are still hurdles to overcome. Gaining customers’ trust before they invest in crypto is one of the big ones.

By offering our robust cover and security measures to your customers, you’ll show that you have securing their investment at the forefront of your business. 

Safeguarding your customers’ digital currency:

  • gives them confidence to invest

  • helps to preserve the cryptocurrency ecosystem’s integrity

  • shows you can be trusted


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