Coincover for Business

Focus only on the commercial opportunities that Cryptocurrency presents to you.

Coincover's mission is to provide a no compromise cryptocurrency solution for our customers.

Our growing range of services take the worry and stress out of holding and using cryptocurrency.

Why choose us?

Cryptocurrency without Compromise

Full control of your ctypro assets, passcodes and private keys.

Funds accessible 24x7x365 anywhere in the world.

No lost access, ever

Protection against theft underwritten by A-rated Insurers.

Back keys held in secure offline vaults.

In partnership with

Insured by Lloyds of London Members

Coincover is the only service worldwide offering insurance for cryptocurrency at the individual level.​

100% insurance with no deductibles ensures our client funds can never be lost or stollen.

Direct ownership of your cryptocurrency

Coincover has partnered with BitGo, market leader in corporate-grade
multi-signature wallets.

BitGo wallets provide our customers with complete control, secure custody and continued access of their funds.

Regulated by Financial Conduct Authority

UK domiciled and regulated by the FCA Coincover safeguards funds and ensures complete compliance to AML and KYC rules.

Our clients need not worry; with Coincover they are in safe hands.​

Let the number speak for us.

Wallets covered
Funds protected
Funds recovered

About Us

Founded in 2018, Coincover is the market leader in providing custom insurance against cryptocurrency theft for individual investors, fund managers, professional traders and corporatecustomers.

We are regulated by the UK Financial Conduct Authority with insurance underwritten by A-rated Lloyds of London members.

The Coincover team has finance, blockchain, technology and cyber security expertise having worked with the UK Government, NASDAQ listed companies, the police and armed forces. We have used this experience to design and build a comprehensive digital asset security platform delivering institutional grade digital and physical security.

We have grown quickly and steadily, gaining recognition from within the cryptocurrency and insurance industries. We have built partnerships with wallet providers, exchanges, institutional investors and multinational insurers.

Today we have customers in over 60 countries and work with some of the biggest names in the industry.

But this is just the beginning....

As seen in

Theft Cover

With funds held online at risk from hacks and custodial storage expensive and slow to access, it’s been hard to find the right solution to support your business.

Coincover has created a better way - store your cryptocurrency in a hot wallet that’s protected by insurance and as secure as cold storage.

Lost Key Cover

Coincover gives you the peace of mind that when you lose access to your funds they won’t be lost for long.

With Coincover you have access to your cryptocurrency at all times while knowing your funds are always protected.

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