Identify and prevent
unauthorized access to crypto 

Protect omnibus wallets from theft

More than $14 billion in crypto was stolen in 2021. Our protection technology checks transactions for anomalies that could be hacker activity, to give you and your customers a last line of defence from crypto theft.

Mitigate the risks to your crypto business

Most hackers don’t make big transactions to empty wallets as they attempt to remain undetected. Our solution optimizes transaction authorization settings and uses behavioral analysis to reduce the risk from malicious access to wallets.

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Get alerted to suspicious transactions

Our transaction monitoring can actively alert on suspicious activity as well as creating an audit trail for use in incident reporting and forensic investigations. This data is also used to verify any claims made against our insurance.

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Get ahead of imminent regulatory pressure 

As regulators begin to view crypto businesses through the lens of other financial services the challenge to have safeguards in place will only increase. Coincover protection means you're prepared to meet those requirements when they come.  

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Theft Protection Promise

By deploying Coincover’s proprietary technology, you’re doing the utmost to secure your customers’ crypto assets in an industry where security is paramount. If someone steals your funds using an attack our tech is designed to prevent, we are well placed to compensate you because we've insured our technology with Lloyd's of London.

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