POKT node recovery and insurance-backed guarantee

Keep your POKT nodes safe

First-to-market technology and insurance-backed guarantees protect your cryptocurrency assets from user error, business failure and theft. From Coincover - the world leader in crypto safety.

Why use Coincover with C0D3R?

How We Backup Your C0D3R Nodes

What to expect...

  • You (and business partners, if applicable) verify your identity to be included on the Access Control List.
  • C0D3R send us an encrypted backup of each wallet.
  • We add our own layer of military-grade encryption.
  • Copies are stored offline in multiple UK locations.
  • If you lose access or funds are stolen, contact C0D3R to initiate a recovery or make a claim.
  • In the event of C0D3R's business failure, contact Coincover to recover funds or make a claim.
  • We decrypt our security layer then send to you or C0D3R to decrypt the final layer.

How Cryptocurrency Cover Claims Work

1. Get Covered

Once we have a backup of your wallet, we cover you against theft up to $10,000 & loss up to $100,000.

2. Make a Claim

In the event of theft or loss, contact C0D3R. We'll work with them to recover funds or start your claim.

3. Get Processed

We calculate the value of funds at the date and time of loss using the fiat currency valuation.

4. Get Reimbursed

Genuine claims have the fiat amount paid into their bank account. No excess or deductibles are payable.

Want to find out more?

Talk to C0D3R to get setup or contact our specialist team at for more information.

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