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Ultra-Secure Node Protection Technology

Included as standard with all C0D3R nodes.

Access Protection

Losing access to digital assets is a genuine concern. Coincover facilitates the rapid recovery of your assets if disaster strikes.  Our end-to-end encryption and military-grade storage helps you rapidly and securely recover what's yours.

Asset Protection

Asset Protection offers you the certainty and confidence that your funds are safe. In addition, our technology is insured against unlikely losses, providing you and your customers an additional safety net.

Why C0D3R Protects Your Nodes with Coincover

  • Keeps node stakes and rewards safe and accessible with Coincover’s proprietary backup and recovery technology.

  • If you lose access to funds due to user error or infrastructure failure, you can recover access within two working days.

  • Coincover has insured its theft prevention technology for extra confidence. See the Lloyds of London press release to find out more. See the Lloyd's of London press release here to find out more.

  • Once you activate Coincover's technology your funds are protected up to $100,000 against catastrophic business or infrastructure failure and up to $10,000 against theft.

  • Verify your identity in the C0D3R dashboard to activate your protection.