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Crypto security is the deciding factor people look at when choosing a platform or service. Build trust with your customers and start generating revenue today!
We partner with the world’s leading cryptocurrency businesses to provide them with the things that matter the most:
Long term revenue & profitability
Competitive offerings​
Financial risk mitigation​
Regulatory compliance​
Technical Operations​
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Why partner with Coincover?

Coincover makes the process of becoming a partner extremely quick and easy.
You can offer your users bank-like security in weeks.​

Long term revenue & profitability

Looking to increase revenue per customer?
​​We are the only company globally with an insurance backed guarantee, underwritten by Lloyds of London, protecting cryptocurrency funds from theft at the individual level. Now you too can offer this to your customers.

Competitive Offerings​

Looking to premiumise your service & differentiate your brand?​
Our Deposit Protection Guarantee and protection products deliver the trust expected from a bank and helps set you apart from competitors, the type of benefit your customers will care about.​

Financial Risk Mitigation​

Looking to limit the risk of holding cryptocurrency for your customers?​
Our unique wallet technology, insurance backed theft cover, and security protection guarantees your funds and your customers’ funds will always be replaceable should they ever be lost or stolen.​

Regulatory Compliance​

Looking to run a fully compliant crypto offering?​
Coincover gives business the ability to deliver digital asset products and services without the burden of being a custodian and our end-to-end product line helps business keep on top of their regulatory requirements.​

Technical Operations​

Looking for a quick way to deliver secure and scalable cryptocurrency products to market?​
Our cryptocurrency platform enables you to bring to market protected and compliant crypto products quicker, delivering greater customer satisfaction and tangible cost savings.​

Need more proof?

Take a look at one of our partnerships, and see for yourself…

Civic partnered with Coincover to offer their customers a $1 million digital currency protection guarantee as well as mitigate their custody and compliance concerns.

Civic was looking for…

A differentiated & competitive offering​
Reduced financial risk​
Regulatory compliance​
Recognizable brand partner​
Easily scalable solution​
Fast onboarding and turnaround​
Long term revenue & profitability​

Protected by Coincover products provide…​

Deposit Protection Guarantee​
Lloyds of London backed Theft Cover​
Coincover stamp of approval​
Regulatory compliance​
Revenue generating opportunities​
Removal of fund custody concerns​
Bank type level of security​
Customer support for fund recovery​
Removal of PII compliance concerns ​
Wallet upgrades​
“ We believe that everyone needs access to a neutral, trustworthy place to store their digital currency, especially in this extraordinary new financial climate. Together with Coincover, we’re now ensuring that Civic Wallet users have this unique protection. ”
Vinny Lingham
CEO & Co-Founder of Civic​
Coincover & Civic Partnership Press Release​Civic Deposit Protection Guarantee Certificate

It’s easy to become a partner​

Coincover makes the process of becoming a partner extremely quick and easy.
You can be up and running in a matter of weeks.​

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In partnership with

Insured by Lloyds of London Members

Coincover is the only service worldwide guaranteeing crypto funds at the individual level.​

Our Lloyds of London 100% insurance solution with no deductibles ensures your funds can never be lost or stolen.

Direct Ownership of Your Cryptocurrency

Coincover has partnered with BitGo, the market 
leader in corporate-grade multi-signature wallets.

BitGo wallets provide you with complete control, secure custody, and continued access to your funds.​

Regulated by the UK Financial Conduct Authority

UK domiciled and regulated by the FCA, Coincover safeguards funds and ensures complete compliance with AML and KYC rules.

You need not worry; with Coincover you are in safe hands.