Cryptocurrency Wills​

Peace of mind for you, protection for your loved ones.​

Coincover is the first and only service to guarantee your cryptocurrency will be fully retrievable by your loved ones after your death.

Quick and easy

Nobody wants to think about it, but we all know that making a will is one of the most important things you’ll ever do.

Privacy and protection

As cryptocurrencies continue to rise in value and adoption, it is critical these are included in your estate planning.

Certainty of retrieval

The unique nature of cryptocurrency means the traditional mechanisms for recovering assets will simply not work.

Coincover is the only solution on the market to solve the problem of "What happens to my crypto when I die?", helping executors and beneficiaries retrieve cryptocurrency funds in the event of the owner’s death.

Key features

No hardware wallet to lose

No paper keys to store

No passwords to remember or share

No long codes to enter

No tech savvy required

What's included

Your Cryptocurrency Will Kit contains everything you need to prepare, set-up and maintain your will.

The Kit

Your Cryptocurrency Will Kit has all the materials you need to get started.

- Cryptocurrency Will unique ID card
- Two Cryptocurrency Will notification cards
- Instruction booklet

You'll quickly set up your Cryptocurrency Will, and your loved ones will have everything they need to retrieve your funds when you die.

Unique Cryptocurrency Will ID Card

This precision-engineered stainless steel Cryptocurrency Will ID card connects you and your cryptocurrency to your will.

Use the unique card and number to set up your will. Be sure to keep this card with you or store it in a safe place.

Executor Notification Card

It's important to let people know that your Cryptocurrency Will exists, and what to do in the event of your death.

Notification cards are included for you to hand out to whomever you wish. We recommend one be placed with your Executor.

Instruction booklet

Before starting to complete your unique Cryptocurrency Will, it is important to understand how it will work and what steps are necessary for it to be effective.

The Cryptocurrency Will instruction booklet provides everything you need to know to complete your will.

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Features include:
  • Easy to hold - No hardware wallet to store or lose
  • Easy to secure - No passwords to remember or share
  • Easy to set-up - No long codes to enter
  • Easy to store - No paper keys to store
  • Easy to use - Accessible at any time
Register your Will Kit

How to set up your Cryptocurrency Will

Coincover makes the process of creating a Cryptocurrency Will as simple as possible.

Activate your Cryptocurrency Will

Enter your unique Cryptocurrency Will ID at to get started.

Confirm your identity

Answer a set of short questions to link your Cryptocurrency Will to you.

Identify your Executors

Confirm those who will be responsible for distributing your cryptocurrency
in line with your wishes.

Set up your will wallets

We will help you set up multi-signature wallets for your cryptocurrency holdings.

Make any amendments

Decide whether to make any amendments to your wider will and notify your Executors.

Distribute your notification cards

Give the cards to your executors and loved ones for safe keeping. Keep your unique Will ID card on you.

Why a Cryptocurrency Will matters

$1Bn Inaccessible

On April 16, 2018, Matthew Mellon of the Mellon banking fortune died.

To his grave, he also took the location of the keys to a rather large amount of Ripple coin (XRP), another popular type of cryptocurrency.

Before his death he held an estimated $1 billion in Ripple, but without the keys none of the Ripple coin can be accessed

Priceless rubbish

James Howells, a cryptocurrency miner in the early days of Bitcoin gathered 7,500 Bitcoins stored on a hard drive.

In 2013 he accidentally threw the hard drive away, along with access to his Bitcoins. The keys, along with all his other trash, ended up at a local dump.

In 2017 at the peak of Bitcoin value, his buried Bitcoin treasure would have been worth around $150,000,000.

$135m taken to the grave

In December 2018, Gerald Cotton, CEO of QuadrigaCX, Canada’s largest cryptocurrency exchange died unexpectedly.

Unfortunately for QuadrigaCX’s customers, Mr. Cotton was the only person who was able to access the customer private keys.

As a result over US$135M in customer funds held in safe keeping was deemed inaccessible, locked on the blockchain forever more.

How It Works For Your Beneficiaries

There are just three basic steps your Beneficiaries need to take to retrieve your cryptocurrency.

Notify Coincover

Contact Coincover and provide the unique ID as identified on your Notification Card.

Provide the necessary documentation

The Executor will need to identify themselves and provide documentation such as a death certificate and grant of probate.

Receive cryptocurrency holdings

Once our checks are completed and the grant of probate is resolved, your Beneficiaries will have the choice to receive full cryptocurrency funds, or the cash equivalent value.

You are safe with Coincover

Cryptocurrency Wills from Coincover provide a dedicated solution to cryptocurrency estate planning.

Continue to use your cryptocurrency on a day to day basis.
Your passwords do not need to be shared or written down.
No need to share the details of your cryptocurrency holdings.
Your beneficiaries can opt to receive the cash value if they prefer.
We guarantee your cryptocurrency will be made accessible after your death.
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What our customers say...

Beth works at a high-profile solicitors and is head of Wills, Trusts and Estates.  In her division she can see in excess of 1,200 wills being written per month for clients ranging from elderly individuals to directors of large multi-nationals.  Her job is to help her clients protect and manage their estates, to create a will and ensure that their wishes are executed.

In the last couple of years Beth has seen more and more clients come through the door looking to incorporate their Cryptocurrency holdings into their wills and estate planning. Some of her clients have dabbled in cryptocurrency and have small holdings but she has some clients who got into Bitcoin early and have amassed some small fortunes that need protecting.

To hold passwords, paper wallets or key storage devices on behalf of her clients makes her feel very uncomfortable.  Even if all the keys and passwords were provided in electronic format, her firm is not a digital assets custodian and doesn’t have the advanced technology in place to securely store and manage safes containing the keys to the cryptocurrency wallets. For this reason her firm turned to Coincover.

“We’re seeing more of our clients having cryptocurrency as part of their estate. When they supplement their main Will with a Cryptocurrency Will from Coincover, we can still deliver and execute our clients wishes when the time is right, but we don’t have the burden of storing sensitive keys and passwords or acting as custodians before that time.”

Beth now works with her clients to draw up unique Cryptocurrency Wills which can ensure that as an executor to her client's Will, she will be able to access the cryptocurrency funds when the time is right and execute on the the wishes of her client without having to worry about taking custody of digital assets. Beth can provide a trusted and secure solution to her clients and doesn’t have to turn away business for her firm.

It was during one gathering of the Holmes family a few years ago that everybody got talking about blockchain, bitcoins and the future of money.

Bitcoin seemed interesting to some and rather complicated to others. But before the night was out, a number of the Holmes family went online and started to invest small amounts of money into Bitcoin, sums that have since grown over the years.

Writing a will is also something the Holmes family has openly discussed on many occasions. It’s important for them that people know what to expect and what to do in the event of the death of a family member. With such a forward-thinking approach it really wasn't a difficult or complicated decision for the Holmes family to take a out a Cryptocurrency Will.

“A few people in my family have invested in Cryptocurrency over the years. While interesting and exciting, it all sounds complicated to me. As my family members have Cryptocurrency Wills, I know I will easily have access to their cryptocurrency should anything happen to them.”

A Cryptocurrency Will means the Holmes family can continue to invest in bitcoin, continue to see their pots grow and know that their bitcoin is protected today as well as in the future for their family to inherit when they are no longer around.

Grace has recently graduated university and is busy learning the ropes of her new job, paying off her student loans and thinking about saving a deposit for her first home.

With interest rates so low Grace is interested in putting small sums of money aside each month and investing in Bitcoin, perhaps even a few of the other cryptocurrencies her friends recommend when she gets a bit of savings under her belt. While her pot is relatively small right now, it’s important to Grace that it is secure and easily accessible for when the right home comes along.

She has figured out just enough to get her money into Bitcoin and what to do to get it out again. She has a system that works. But she knows that her parents who are not so tech-savvy wouldn’t have a clue how to access her bitcoin if she was no longer around.

“I’m just getting started and I haven’t got much Cryptocurrency yet, but still, if I died then I’d rather it go to  my family than it be lost forever”

For Grace, making a Cryptocurrency Will means that she doesn’t need to worry about hardware backups, sharing passwords or having to write down detailed instructions to access her cryptocurrency. She simply hands over her Cryptocurrency Will Beneficiary card to her parents and they’ll contact Coincover should the need ever arise. It is peace of mind for Grace and protection for her loved ones.

“If something were to happen to me, my family wouldn’t know how to access my Cryptocurrency. With a Cryptocurrency Will I don’t need to worry about this anymore as it is now taken care of.”

Matt has always been an avid follower of technology and got interested in Bitcoin when it was still relatively unknown. Without feeling there was too much to lose Matt invested in some Bitcoin in 2012 based on the recommendation of a friend and didn’t think much more of it.

“I took a punt on Bitcoin a few years ago thinking nothing of it. 
But now I have something to lose and need to protect it.”

Matt is now married and has a young family to take care of. In the last few years the value of his cryptocurrency holdings has gone up enough to really start to worry 
about losing it. While Matt understands how to keep his Cryptocurrency safe using Hot-wallets, strong passwords and two-factor authentication he doesn’t feel comfortable writing this down for his family in case it gets in the wrong hands. 
But he also knows that without this information they’d never be able to access it.

With a Cryptocurrency Will Matt continues to hold his bitcoin in secure multi-signature BitGo wallets with full access to trade whenever he needs to, but with the peace of mind that should it be necessary, his family would be able to access the funds too.

“If something were to happen to me, my family wouldn’t know how to access my Cryptocurrency. With a Cryptocurrency Will I don’t need to worry about this anymore as it is now taken care of.”

In partnership with industry
leaders BitGo, Curv and Fireblocks

Coincover has partnered with BitGo, Curv and Fireblocks market leaders in corporate-grade digital wallets to protect your cryptocurrency.

In partnership we provide our customers with complete control, secure custody and continued access of their funds.


Cryptocurrency Wills are designed as a way for your loved ones to retrieve your cryptocurrency in the event of your death without the need to share or compromise secret or personal details.​

Details on how Cryptocurrency Wills work​

Before starting to complete your unique Cryptocurrency Will, it is important to understand how it works and the steps necessary for your funds to be retrieved and redistributed upon loss of access through death or other means.

Cryptocurrency is designed to facilitate a secure transaction between two parties, without the need for a trusted third party such as a bank or credit card company. All of the cryptocurrency is stored on a blockchain or similar ledger. In order to move these funds, you need to complete a transaction using your private key, which is the set of alphanumeric characters that are unique to your cryptocurrency wallet. The private key is often stored in a heavily encrypted state and a complex password is usually required to access and use it.

When you set up your Cryptocurrency Will, you will be guided in setting up a new multi-sig wallet (or wallets) specifically for your funds. This wallet provides you with complete control, secure custody and continued access of your funds up until your death.

The keys for multi-signature wallets need to be created at the time the wallet is set up with one of the keys added to Coincover’s secure storage vaults. Keys cannot be created and distributed after the fact. For this reason, Coincover is unable to protect and retrieve funds that are not in wallets protected by Coincover.

In order for an Executor, Beneficiary or loved one to access your cryptocurrency they will need to provide Coincover with the necessary legal documentation and proof before any movement of your funds takes place.

If you do not already have your cryptocurrency in a Coincover wallet, one will be arranged for you as part of a Cryptocurrency Will. We will walk you through the simple process of setting one up and linking it to your Cryptocurrency Will.

Will my relatives know how much cryptocurrency I have?​

No, it is not necessary to disclose your cryptocurrency holdings.

Will taxes be taken from the proceeds of the cryptocurrency?​

No, it is up to your beneficiary to make appropriate tax payments on any inheritance.

How can I be sure my beneficiaries don’t access my cryptocurrency prior to my death?​

With a Coincover Cryptocurrency Will you do not have to share your password or private key information with anyone. This ensures your funds remain secure and protected until such time as your Executor makes a formal request with us.

What if I have complex requirements for my cryptocurrency estate?​

We suggest you seek guidance from a legal professional about complex estate planning. Your Cryptocurrency Will enables your Executor to recover your funds after your death and follow any complex instructions as set out in your Will.

Important notes​

1. This Cryptocurrency Will is designed to ensure your cryptocurrency assets are retrievable by your Executor in the event of your death.

2. You must complete the set-up of your Cryptocurrency Will online at where our simple step-by-step process will guide you along the way.

3. Due to the specific and secure nature of cryptocurrency holdings, Coincover can only retrieve and redistribute cryptocurrency held within a Coincover approved wallet, which is provided as part of this kit. Your funds remain entirely within your control until the time of your death.

4. You do not need to share any security or password information about your holdings with anyone prior to your death.

5. You may make changes to your Cryptocurrency Will online at any time to reflect a change in circumstances.

6. The unique ID found on your Cryptocurrency ID Card is specific to you and links directly to your Cryptocurrency Will.

7. Please notify your Executor of the unique ID number on your Cryptocurrency Will ID card contained within this pack, and Coincover will do the rest.

8. Your cryptocurrency holdings may be subject to either capital gains tax or inheritance tax, depending on their value, as well as the jurisdiction in which you live. Coincover will retrieve cryptocurrency funds but is not in a position to provide legal tax advice. Specialist legal advice should always be sought in this respect.

9. Your cryptocurrency funds are usually treated as an asset and form part of your estate. We recommend you review any existing overarching will you may have, to ensure your cryptocurrency is distributed in line with your wishes.

10. If you require any assistance completing your Cryptocurrency Will, please email us at  where we will be happy to help.


This Cryptocurrency Will Kit is provided to you to enable a redistribution of cryptocurrency assets to an Executor following your death. Distribution of funds should be covered in your main will. We recommend you seek professional legal advice should you have any doubt as to the suitability of the Cryptocurrency Wills Kit.