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To take advantage of the benefits of Coincover, you first need a BitGo wallet.


Complete theft protection for your wallet.

100% insurance-backed cryptocurrency theft cover gives you total confidence that your wallets are in safe hands.

Limited offer: First wave to sign up for theft protection get 90 days’ FREE theft cover to a value of $10,000 (worth $60)

Get on the list for cover from July now! Just click on the sign up icon to the right of your screen.


How to get started

To use our Coincover services, you’ll first need a BitGo account and a Coincover-backed wallet.

Step 1: Visit www.bitgo.com

Step 2: Create an account

  • After filling in your account details, you’ll receive a verification email. Follow the link to verify.

Step 3: Choose your multi-factor authentication device

  • Pick a multi-factor authentication device to use to sign into your BitGo account. Scan the QR code and follow the steps.

Step 4: Create a Coincover-backed wallet

  • Click ‘Create wallet’, and follow the onscreen steps.

  • Select Coincover as your key recovery service

  • Your keycard will download automatically. Print it, keep it somewhere secure, and delete the download.

  • Press ‘Activate your wallet’.

  • You’ll receive an email from Coincover about your BitGo backup key.

  • Follow the link to register your account. And you’re all set!

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