Key Storage & Lost Key Cover

Secure cryptocurrency key storage and recovery for your peace of mind.

Key StorageLost Key Cover

Key Storage

Absolute certainty cryptocurrency funds will be fully recovered in the event of lost access.

Product features

Lifetime key storage for all Coincover protected digital wallets
Multi-signature 3-key management​
Fully encrypted, and securely stored to government security standards​
Backup key held securely offline​
Held in grade A vaults, geographically dispersed locations in the UK​
Protected by multi-party access control


Guaranteed access

You expect and depend on safe and secure access to funds. Coincover guarantees fund access even if you lose your key.​

Direct ownership​

You are no longer forced to choose between handing over control to a third party and worrying about the security of your password backups​.

Protect multiple wallets​

No limits on the digital wallets covered. Access to your cryptocurrency at all times knowing your funds are always protected.​

Our product technologies​

Multi-Sig Wallets​

A multi-sig (multi-signature) wallet performs the same function of signing transactions as a regular Bitcoin wallet but does so in a more secure way. Multi-sig wallets require two or more private keys before the Bitcoins, or other cryptocurrencies can be released.​

Totally Secure

Keys are encrypted and stored offline in a highly secure vault in several UK locations.​

Risk Free​

Funds can only be accessed with your authorisation so your funds stay secure.​

Fast Recoveries​

Should you lose access, your funds are retrieved and sent back to you as soon as possible.​

How you’re protected​

With a wallet Protected by Coincover, you are protected against any single point of failure with multi-signature, 3-key management.​

Your Private Key

Generated and stored by you. Used to initiate all interactions.

BitGo Key

Generated and stored by BitGo. Used to co-sign your transactions only after policy controls have been met.

Backup (Emergency) Key

Stored offline by Coincover for disaster recovery​ upon your instruction.

Lost Key Cover

Sleep easy in a world of crypto, knowing with Coincover you can never lose access to your cryptocurrency funds​.

With Coincover Lost Key Protection, you can remove the risks of losing your private key without having to give anyone else control of your cryptocurrency.​


Maintain complete control of your wallets​
Institutional-grade storage & Security​
Strong protection against identity fraud​
Stringent security checks upon retrieval​
24x7x365 support with quick recovery​
100% peace of mind​

Key features

Lost key recovery

Recover the funds in your wallet if you lose your private key.

Secure key storage

Private backup keys are held in vaulted offline environment.

Direct ownership

Maintain full control of your digital assets, passcodes and private keys.

Fast recovery

24x7x365 support with quick recovery turn-around.

Rigorous ID verification

Strong protection against identity fraud and insider theft.

Unlimited wallets

Protect as many wallets as you like within agreed cover limit.

Cover for most coins

Protect 200+ coins and tokens - whatever you hold with BitGo.

We are regulated by the UK Financial Conduct Authority and backed by A-rated Lloyds of London insurers.

In partnership with industry
leaders BitGo, Curv and Fireblocks

Coincover has partnered with BitGo, Curv and Fireblocks market leaders in corporate-grade digital wallets to protect your cryptocurrency.

In partnership we provide our customers with complete control, secure custody and continued access of their funds.

Institutional-grade storage and security

Protect your funds with multi-signature 3-key management and a backup key held securely offline. Two signatures are required on every transaction on a BitGo wallet and typically this is done by you and BitGo. But should you lose access, our dedicated team is waiting to help recover your funds as quickly as possible.

Customer Key

Generated and stored by you and used to initiate all interactions.

BitGo Key

Generated and stored by BitGo and used to co-sign your transactions.

Coincover Backup Key

Generated and stored securely offline for emergency recovery instructed by you.

Featured products​

Coincover provides key storage and recovery for the world’s leading cryptocurrency wallet providers.

If you are new to world of cryptocurrency and want to get into Bitcoin, or any other cryptocurrency, you can’t go wrong with one of these wallets!

If you are already in crypto and don’t have your funds protected in a multi-sig wallet, then it’s not too late to protect your digital assets. Upgrade your crypto security today!​

You are safe with Coincover

Lost Key Protection from Coincover prevents you losing access to your money if you lose or corrupt your wallet private keys.

Continue to use your cryptocurrency on a day to day basis.
Your passwords do not need to be shared or written down.
No need to share the details of your cryptocurrency holdings.
Your beneficiaries can opt to receive the cash value if they prefer.
We guarantee your cryptocurrency will be made accessible after your death.

A few of our business users

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How does Key Storage and Lost Key Cover work?​

Protect your funds with multi-signature 3-key management and a backup key held securely offline.

‍Lost Key Cover is built on multi-signature (multi-sig) wallet technology. Multi-sig wallets require two or more private keys before the funds can be released.

BitGo multi-sig wallets consist of three private keys: one held by you, one held by BitGo and one held on your behalf by Coincover.

Two signatures are required on every transaction on a BitGo wallet and typically this is done by you and BitGo. But should you lose access, our dedicated team is waiting to help recover your funds as quickly as possible.

What is secure key storage?​

Secure key storage is the way we ensure you never lose access to your funds by creating and holding an emergency backup key to each of your wallets offline.

When you create a new wallet with BitGo and select Coincover to hold your back up key, BitGo request a key pair from us for your new wallet.

We send BitGo the public portion of the key which is allocated to your new wallet. The private backup key is stored offline with zero network exposure. It is fully encrypted, sharded using Multi-Party-Computation (MPC) and held in grade A free-standing six-sided vaults in multiple geographically dispersed locations in the United Kingdom.

Each vault is protected by multi-party access control with a minimum of three Coincover personnel in attendance for every recovery and verification.

What is the fund recovery process?​

Our first priority is the security of your funds. We will always confirm your identity before we initiate the recovery process to be sure we are recovering the funds for the owner. To ensure total transparency, we will keep you informed on progress and notify you as soon as your funds have been recovered.

- Contact us immediately to report the loss of access
- Your ID is verified and ownership of the wallet confirmed
- You create a new wallet to hold the recovered funds
- We securely sign the transaction to recover funds
- The wallet provider (in this case BitGo) securely counter-signs and your funds are then transferred to your new wallet
- We confirm the funds have been recovered to your new wallet

Our recovery requirements​

Our standard recovery process requires independent approval from at least one further named individual from the company in addition to the primary contact.

All named individuals must be on the Access Control List (ACL) approved by all parties and provide personal information such as a copy of their passport and proof of employment in your company.

In addition, all named individuals must have a BitGo account and a Coincover account and have completed the Know Your Customer ID checks.

Lost Key Cover standard service levels​

We offer standard service levels or custom ones to suit your needs. Our security experts will work with you to understand your requirements and recommend the appropriate service levels your business.

We will arrange a call to understand your goals and operations quickly. We aim for a fast turnaround and businesses are typically on cover within 5 to 7 business days and in less time if you are already a BitGo customer.

Our standard service levels include:      
- 24x7x365 support from our UK call centre
- Secure key storage for unlimited wallets
- Fund recovery for up to 24 wallets per calendar year
- Fund recovery within 7 days of verification

How many wallets can I protect?​

You can protect all your wallets provided they were created with our approved service provider BitGo, and you selected Coincover as the backup key holder.

Lost Key Cover protects all your wallets individually and collectively.

Which cryptocurrencies do you protect?​

Coincover protects the following currencies:

Bitcoin Cash
Bitcoin SV
200+ ERC20 tokens