Lost Key Protection

Never lose your cryptocurrency

Quick to set-up

We all believe it will not happen to us, but the risks of losing your wallet private key are well known.

Maintain control

Too often, you are forced to choose between handing over control to a third party and worrying about the security of your personal back-ups.

Protect multiple wallets

With Coincover Lost Key Protection, you no longer need to compromise. You  remain in control of your cryptocurrency at all times in all of your wallets.

With Coincover Lost Key Protection, you can remove the risks of losing your private key without having to give anyone else control of your cryptocurrency.

Why choose us?

Lost Key Protection features

Maintain complete control of your wallets

Your own corporate-grade wallets are included

Strong protection against identity fraud

Automatically add new wallets as you create them

24x7x365 support with quick recovery turn-around

Lost so far!

4 Million
It is estimated that around 4 million Bitcoins have been lost to date. Still visible on the blockchain, their owners cannot access them.
$30 Billion
Today those lost Bitcoins are worth around thirty billion dollars, almost enough to buy eBay! They are locked forever.
Coincover helps you recover your cryptocurrency if you loose your private key.

Your Personal Lost Key Protection Plan

It takes less than two minutes to get your cover in place that will provide a lifetime of protection for your wallets.

Your Personal Plan
Lost Key Protection
Emergency only
Control of funds
Per wallet cover
30 day recovery
ID protection
Unlimited use
Annual saving
recovery cost is on a per wallet basis.
Monthly Plan
Control of funds
All wallet cover
10 day recovery
ID protection
Unlimited use
Annual saving
pay monthly to spread the cost.
Pay Monthly
Annual Plan
Save 25%
Control of funds
All wallet cover
28 day recovery
ID protection
Unlimited use

True stories of lost keys

$1Bn Inaccessible

On April 16, 2018, Matthew Mellon of the Mellon banking fortune died.

To his grave, he also took the location of the keys to a rather large amount of Ripple coin (XRP), another popular type of cryptocurrency.

Before his death he held an estimated $1 billion in Ripple, but without the keys none of the Ripple coin can be accessed

Pricless rubbish

James Howells, a cryptocurrency miner in the early days of Bitcoin gathered 7,500 Bitcoins stored on a hard drive.

In 2013 he accidentally threw the hard drive away, along with access to his Bitcoins. The keys, along with all his other trash, ended up at a local dump.

In 2017 at the peak of Bitcoin value, his buried Bitcoin treasure would have been worth around $150,000,000.

$135m taken to the grave

In December 2018, Gerald Cotton, CEO of QuadrigaCX, Canada’s largest cryptocurrency exchange died unexpectedly.

Unfortunately for QuadrigaCX’s customers, Mr. Cotton was the only person who was able to access the customer private keys.

As a result over US$135M in customer funds held in safe keeping was deemed inaccessible, locked on the blockchain forever more.

You are safe with Coincover

Lost Key Protection from Coincover prevents you losing access to your money if you lose or corrupt your wallet private keys.

  • Continue to use your cryptocurrency on a day to day basis.

  • Your passwords do not need to be shared or written down.

  • No need to share the details of your cryptocurrency holdings.

  • Your beneficiaries can opt to receive the cash value if they prefer.

  • We guarantee your cryptocurrency will be made accessible after your death.


Will my relatives know how much cryptocurrency I have?

No, it is not necessary to disclose your cryptocurrency holdings.

Will you take taxes from the proceeds of the cryptocurrency?

No, it is up to your beneficiary to make appropriate tax payments on any inheritance.

How can I be sure my beneficiaries don’t access my cryptocurrency?

With a Coincover Cryptocurrency Will you do not have to share your password or private key information with anyone. This ensures your funds remain secure and protected until such time as your Executor makes a formal request with us.

What if I have complex requirements for my cryptocurrency estate?

We suggest you seek guidance from a legal professional about complex estate planning. Your Crypocurrency Will enables your Executor to recover your funds after your death and follow any complex instructions as set out in your Will.

I’ve got a wallet on an exchange. Can I include this in my Cryptocurrency Will?

Not at the moment, but we are working on it. Right now, we can only recover from the approved wallets support.

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