Making crypto safe for everyone to hold and use

At Coincover we believe that cryptocurrencies have the potential to change our world, promising greater financial freedom and more equality in the global economy.

Today, the biggest barrier to broader adoption is a lack of assurance that assets can be kept safe. We’re on a mission to change that.

Last year Coincover checked and validated more than $10 billion worth of crypto transactions.

Digital assets need protecting

Crypto scammers took a record $14 billion in 2021
3.7 million Bitcoin are probably gone forever
Getting back stolen crypto can be an uphill battle

We protect them

Coincover uniquely combines security technologies with insurance to shield digital assets for crypto companies and individual investors.


Monitoring and analysis to identify suspicious transactions from unauthorized access.


Claim back funds if our preventative technology doesn't stop them being stolen.


An end-to end-encrypted vault for ultra-secure storage and recovery of private keys.

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Crypto users and businesses face a lot of challenges

From startups and established crypto businesses to institutional and individual investors, Coincover exists to overcome these challenges and safeguard crypto for all.

De-risking private key storage and back up

With a new story about lost crypto every week it’s easy to see that there must be a better way to backup and manage private keys. Individuals and crypto companies need the assurance of a secure system combined with the right level of usability.

Meeting rising regulation

As regulators focus on protecting its citizens, crypto companies can get ahead of impending regulation by implementing safeguards that show they put the security of their customers assets above everything else.

Protecting against hacks

Crypto has become rich pickings for hackers, and anyone can fall victim to a cybercriminal today. A layer of protection is needed to detect unauthorised access to digital assets.

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