Own crypto? Smart move.
No protection? Big mistake.

Secure your cryptocurrency against theft. Instantly.
From just $2.67 /month.

  • First of its kind protection available direct to individuals.
  • Protect $1,000 up to $1,000,000.
  • 100% underwritten by underwriters at Lloyd's of London.
  • 10% off RRP for Uphold users!

Protect your crypto against unauthorised access from...


Someone taking funds after accessing a computer system they’re not authorized to use.

Device Theft

Theft of a phone, laptop or other device which enables access to your account or wallet to remove funds.


Theft of your user details through pretending to be a trustworthy organization.


A computer programme that gets access to & exploits your data to withdraw funds.

Brute Force Attack

A sustained attack that submits multiple usernames & passwords to gain access to your account.


Self-replicating software that spreads through a network without human assistance.


What is not included?

Coincover protects you against someone taking funds without your permission. That means we don't protect against funds losing their value or for other situations that can lead to funds being lost...

Transferring Cryptocurrency

You or someone authorized by you wilfully sends cryptocurrency to an address.


Failure, breakdown or disruption of a blockchain network, such as a 51% attack.

Hardware Loss or Damage

Coincover do not protect against direct physical loss of or damage to any hardware.


Funds that you hold losing all or some of their value due to price changes is not included.

Take 10% off a year's protection...

Then pay via Paypal. There are no lengthy forms or calls. You just need to provide basic details and create a Coincover account to activate your protection.
$2.99 /month
$2.67 /month
Theft of funds due to:
Device theft
Brute force attack
$9.99 /month
$8.92 /month
Theft of funds due to:
Device theft
Brute force attack
$69.99 /month
$62.92 /month
Theft of funds due to:
Device theft
Brute force attack
*paid annually

Select the platform you want to protect...

Just select which account or wallet you want to protect from the list at purchase.

Protect 850+ cryptocurrencies & tokens...

We protect almost all major cryptocurrencies including BTC, ETH and most ERC-20 standard tokens. See the FAQ for a full list of supported cryptocurrencies.

Coincover are used and vetted by leading organisations

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Lloyd's of London
We've been working with Lloyd's of London since 2019 to access their underwriting services. See their press release here.

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