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Exclusive Coincover protection for NFTbox customers

NFT protection we can stand behind

Coincover, in partnership with NFTboxes, is proud to offer a world's first NFT protection service – NFT Vault – the only insured technology in the world that protects NFTs from hacks or theft.

And right now, this protection is offered exclusively to NFTbox customers, free, for a trial period. Claim your NFT protection today!

What's Included?

All NFTbox purchases come with a level of Coincover Protection based on the NFTbox subscription purchased.

*this includes protection for the final box of the year.
*this includes protection for the final box of the year.

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The most comprehensive NFT protection solution on the market


Token theft equates to loss of ownership

On and offline NFT custody services providing options for one of the most important aspects of theft prevention.


Contingency plan for release of assets to beneficiaries

Solving for what happens to your NFTs if you die. Ensuring your beneficiaries inherit your assets.


Protection that we can stand behind

We’ve insured our technology to help further safeguard crypto assets from loss or theft.


Appraisals and qualified valuation of digital assets

Data-driven valuation methodology and due diligence to assess how much your NFTs are worth.


Authenticated assets maintain market value

NFT authentication and validation methods, protecting artists, their work, and their customers assets.


Not your keys, not your NFT

Secure encryption and storage to backup your wallet key or mnemonic, so you never lose access to your NFT assets.


Possess the media you own

Metadata and media collated, encrypted and stored on and offline to ensure asset integrity.

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Protection against risks when buying and holding NFTs

Coincover is on a mission to make your crypto experience safe and ensure your NFTs are protected.

For digital creatives and collectors, NFTs have opened a whole new world to create, interact and transact. But as the NFT market booms, so does the exposure to risks.

As an artist, fakes and scams undermine your brand and reputation, while lost keys and missing assets deem digital art irretrievable and theft from third-party hacks and malicious attacks results in financial losses.

Coincover’s market-leading technology solutions help artists and collectors authenticate and protect their NFTs. We are the only provider offering financial security for peace of mind when building your NFT collection.


Store your NFTs in our professional and specialized NFT Vaults

Custody services are fundamental to ensuring the safety of crypto assets. Whether it's for peace of mind, regulatory compliance or risk management, our on and offline NFT vaults allow creatives and collectors to access the NFT market while safely keeping and using their NFTs.

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Know your NFT assets are protected

Never lose precious NFT files, including metadata and image files, by ensuring they are encrypted and backed-up. Should you need it, restore your entire NFT collection with our fast recoveries.


Backup-key encryption, storage and recovery

Our uniquely non-custodial approach for the secure encryption and storage to backup your private wallet keys and mnemonics, so you'll never lose access to your NFTs.


Complete confidence your NFT is protected from theft

If someone steals your NFTs using an attack our tech is designed to prevent, we are well placed to compensate you because we've insured our technology with Lloyd's of London.

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Vetted appraisal services

Professional NFT appraisals performed using traditional and digital valuation methodologies help individuals and institutions keep on top of the latest market trends to guide their NFT collections.


NFT authentication for purchase assurance

Documented provenance and authentication provides the assurance that the NFT you are about to trade is genuine and produced by the original artist.


Peace of mind to know you won't take your NFTs to your grave

With even the best safety and security measures in place, it's not always clear that your loved ones would be able to access your NFTs assets should you die. Offering a simple, safe and secure solution to facilitate inheritance when the time is right.

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