June 8, 2020

News: Coincover Announces a New Partnership with Ledn

Coincover, the #1 brand in cryptocurrency security, is pleased to announce an exciting new partnership! We have partnered with Ledn, a fast-growing provider of financial products for digital assets. In addition to the protection already provided by BitGo Custody, Ledn wants to ensure that it has full operational redundancy in all of its security processes. In the highly unlikely event of an operational failure, all digital assets they hold for their clients will remain safe and accessible.

The Coincover Deposit Protection Guarantee for cryptocurrency protects customers when an operational failure causes authorised cryptocurrency firms to lose access to the cryptocurrency they hold. Should the worst happen, Coincover recovers the funds and enables a speedy return to business as usual.

Businesses come to Coincover for our ultra-secure risk mitigation solutions. In doing so they deliver to their customers a guarantee they will never lose access to their cryptocurrency. ​We are seeing increasing demand for security solutions within the cryptocurrency space as businesses look to reduce operational and financial risk and meet the demands of their customers and regulators.

​We’ve brought together all our crypto security expertise to digital wallets. A versatile range of benefits offers deposit protection, insurance against theft or hacks, and a guarantee you’ll never lose access to your funds, with retrieval protection even after your death.

When it comes to identifying the most comprehensive and ultra-secure cryptocurrency products on the market, look no further than for the Protected by Coincover stamp of approval! ​

For more information about our products and services for business customers visit: https://www.coincover.com/partnerships

About Ledn

Ledn builds financial products with a mission to help more people save in digital assets. Ledn’s suite of products consists of Borrow -A bitcoin-backed loan which allows customers to access dollars without selling their bitcoin, B2X - Allowing clients to instantly double their bitcoin holdings through the use of a Ledn loan and Save - A bitcoin and USDC savings account that pays interest on bitcoin or USDC with no minimums.