September 17, 2020

News: Vesto to Partner with Coincover to Provide Secure and Deposit-Insured Crypto Banking as a Service

US and Germany-based Vesto is partnering with UK-based Coincover to complement their services and to provide the most secure crypto banking-as-a-service solution - now with insurance backed deposit protection.

Vesto defines itself as the “custodian of trust“ for its clients providing a safe, secure, traceable and auditable infrastructure for crypto-based financial services. Together with Coincover, Vesto can now deliver security and assurance in cryptocurrency for individual investors, fund managers, professional traders and corporate customers.​​

Through Coincover, Vesto now provides extra security for all Vesto wallets, i.e.

        • back-up key creation and storage,  

        • a Deposit Protection Guarantee of up to USD 100,000,

        • fund recovery in the event of loss of access to the wallet,

        • base Theft Cover of up to USD 10,000 for each wallet with the option to top up protection against theft of cryptocurrency up to USD 100,000.

Both companies are delighted about the partnership and believe it will contribute a significant step towards providing a crypto banking-as-a-service solution that is widely accepted among banks, Fintechs, corporates, investors and consumers.

Christopher McGregor, CEO & Co-Founder Vesto:

“The partnership between Vesto and Coincover is truly a marriage from heaven! We are now able to offer our outstanding ecosystem infrastructure coupled with Coincover´s superb security expertise and assurance – this is nothing less than a game changer since it finally provides the utmost security that the crypto market has been desiring for so long. Together, we are providing the most advanced and most secure crypto asset solution investors, banks, financial service providers and merchants can find in the market.”

David Janczewski, CEO & Co-Founder Coincover:

“We are pleased to be partnering with Vesto to provide the Industry Standard for Safety in the crypto asset marketplace. Coincover’s partnership ensures a fully compliant crypto offering which includes cover against end customer investments being lost or stolen.”

About Coincover (

Founded in 2018, Coincover provides deposit protection, crypto key storage and recovery, lost key protection, cryptocurrency wills, and cryptocurrency theft insurance plans for their customers – registered with the UK Financial Conduct Authority, backed by venture capital and the Welsh Government Bank, with insurance provided by Lloyds of London members. Specifically, Coincover offers:

        • Deposit Protection: Guarantees crypto deposits against the loss of funds in the event of a failure of a Coincover protected business.

        • Theft Coverage: Insurance protection for cryptocurrency, against theft of funds from an online digital wallet.

        • Fund Recovery: Absolute certainty cryptocurrency funds will be fully recovered in the event of lost access.

        • Crypto Wills: Protecting your legacy with your cryptocurrency, fully retrievable by your loved ones after your death.

​​About Vesto (

Vesto has developed the most advanced crypto banking-as-a-service platform on the planet built using blockchain, stablecoin, fiat on & off ramp, multi-sig wallet, decentralized finance services, known as DeFi technology, and protection / insurance services. This combination of these services allows for quicker, lower-cost, and more secure transactions, and puts Vesto at the forefront of technology and ahead of any other competitors in the space. Vesto’s crypto banking-as-a-service platform, as a white label, manages all of the financial, reporting, regulatory, risk and compliance based transactions with an agile approach to end-to-end automation and provides a simple UI / UX through various life-cycles.

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