Coincover Sparks Accelerated Growth Through Tech Nation’s Exclusive Fintech 3.0 Cohort

September 23, 2020

Coincover today has announced that they will become a member of Tech Nation’s Fintech 3.0 Cohort, a highly specialised growth programme for the best and brightest UK fintechs. Coincover was recognized by Tech Nation’s expert judging panel as one of 31 leading UK fintech companies to be selected for the programme due to their cutting-edge fintech advancement and innovation.

By joining the Fintech 3.0 Cohort, Coincover will be able to target accelerated growth both domestically and internationally. The programme will support Coincover to connect with other fintechs at a similar stage, to learn from experts, and overall expand their network. It is an extremely unique and valuable opportunity for Coincover to learn in an open and intimate setting. Through the programme, Coincover will also be able to connect and create opportunities through a series of in-depth insight sessions, networking events with key stakeholders, and a three-day international showcase trip to the US. Joining the programme is an important step for Coincover as they start to gain recognition in the world of cryptocurrency for the important problem they aim to solve: crypto not being safe. Becoming a member of the Fintech 3.0 cohort will ultimately help Coincover to excel their business forward and further cement themselves as the safety standard for crypto.

Coincover has been recognized for their revolutionary cryptocurrency protection platform which they have insured with Lloyd's of London. Coincover’s platform provides businesses with a plug-in-and-play API platform that integrates seamlessly with their products and services to instantly deliver a wide range of safety features. Crypto businesses across the world – from exchanges and wallet providers, through to institutional investors – have begun to adopt the Coincover safety standard. The technology behind Coincover has been created by specialists who developed their expertise in government, military, and law enforcement environments. From this experience, Coincover has ultimately designed and built a comprehensive digital asset security platform for consumers and business customers alike.

For more information on Coincover’s cryptocurrency protection platform, visit our website or partnership page.