Staking Validator Key Disaster Recovery

Rapidly Recover Lost Access to Validator Keys

Follow industry-leading best practice for business continuity by backing up your validator keys to remove single points of failure.  Coincover’s technology encrypts your validator keys and stores them securely protected by military-grade security.

Win & retain more institutional clients

Institutional investors have stringent compliance due diligence processes, to pass these checks they often require validator key back-ups to be stored by an audited third party.  Outsource validator key disaster recovery to Coincover – a trusted third party – so you can contribute to your customers’ due diligence and help give them the confidence they need to invest large amounts of money.

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Have the most stringent risk management procedures in place

Feel confident in your business continuity plans with Coincover’s validator key disaster recovery that is independent, expert-led & military grade.  Offload the burden of disaster recovery with Coincover’s expert solution to ensure your plan is solid should the worst happen.  Stay in line with compliance requirements and ahead of future regulations.

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Validate your commitment to security

Validate your commitment to business security to create customer confidence and retain investors, keep your security procedures at the cutting edge and don’t be left behind as the staking industry adopts third party validator key recovery as standard.  Mitigate reputational risks should the worst happen by knowing you have access to a secure back-up.

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Find Out How We Helped C0D3R's Validator Node Business Scale Up

"We’ve seen significant growth in a short period of time. It’s clear Coincover has enabled us to differentiate from our competitors when customers are choosing who to stake with."
Baris Saydag, Founder, C0D3R
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Industry-Leading Security

Access is protected with military grade encryption, storage in multiple locations and physical vaulting with decryption keys never exposed to a network.

Military-grade offline storage

Our storage devices are FIPS 140-2 compliant and are kept in physical vaults constructed to Federal Standard 832.

Extra layers of security

Time-locking mechanisms and safe words protect you from collusion attempts or unauthorized recovery.

Strict access control

Initiating recovery requires multiple identity-verified team members.

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Coincover means...


We never see your validator key and only you can unencrypt it.

ISO27001 Accredited

International standard on managing information securely.

Expedited Recovery Options

If access to business-critical assets is lost, they can be recovered within 48 hours.

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