Keeping crypto safe while running a node hosting service shouldn't keep you awake at night...

We know you're excited about the growth potential of your crypto business and want to ensure it’s safe and secure.

That's why Coincover products are designed with safety and opportunities in mind. Your business is safe; your customers are protected.

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What is Protected by Coincover?

Lots of people know Coincover for being the first solution to deliver an insurance-backed guarantee against theft and lost access to cryptocurrency. But did you know we deliver the same Coincover protection to staked crypto assets?
We partner with the world’s leading cryptocurrency wallet providers, exchanges, lending platforms, and node hosting services to create ultra-safe products that help businesses keep their customers’ crypto safe; maximizing opportunities while delivering peace of mind.

What does Coincover protection deliver for you?

Disaster Recovery

A technology solution which prevents any customer from losing access to their crypto assets because of human or computer error.

Consumer Protection

A technology solution which monitors and limits the customers transactions to try and prevent them from having their funds maliciously taken.

Insurance-backed guarantee

We have a unique insurance policy through Lloyds of London which backs our guarantee claims. If our technology fails, we will use this policy to claim for the customer's loss.

A first in staked crypto protection

Coincover Disaster Recovery and Consumer Protection is the first personal insurance-backed guarantee for cryptocurrency staked online. There is no longer a need to worry about your customers’ crypto stake being hacked or funds stolen.

Prevention & Cure

When you run a crypto business, you are likely aware of the risks of your customers’ funds being lost or stolen. Coincover Protection addresses these risks head on.

Affordable Rates

It’s easy to integrate Coincover protection into your service, with premiums starting from as little as $1 per node per month. Adjustable levels to suit all needs.

Fast Pay-outs

If the worst does happen, we will be there. You can rest assured we will help turn a bad situation into a better one.

Key Features

​Coincover is a leading brand in crypto security. We are the first company to provide an a technology solution with an insurance-backed guarantee that prevents loss of access to crypto funds. When choosing products with the Protected by Coincover stamp of approval, your customers know their staked assets are protected.

Annual protection

Insurance-backed guarantee against theft of crypto from a range of attacks, underwritten by Lloyds of London.

Guaranteed access

Your customers expect and depend on safe & secure access to funds. We guarantee fund access even if a business goes bust.

No Third-Party Risk

Your customers' private key is never exposed to Coincover, we can never use it to access funds.

Easy API Integration

Seamless integration using our APIs means you can automatically protect nodes any time of day or night.

Protect multiple nodes

No limits to the number of nodes you can cover. You can sleep well knowing your funds are always protected.

Protect 850+ currencies

You can get protection for 850+ coins and tokens including BTC, ETH and ERC-20 tokens with the list growing daily.


Protect your customers' staked funds against unauthorised access from...


Someone taking funds after accessing a computer system they’re not authorized to use.

Device Theft

Theft of a phone, laptop or other device which enables access to your account or wallet to remove funds.


Theft of your user details through pretending to be a trustworthy organization.


A computer programme that gets access to & exploits your data to withdraw funds.

Brute Force Attack

A sustained attack that submits multiple usernames & passwords to gain access to your account.


Self-replicating software that spreads through a network without human assistance.

Cyber Attacks

An online attack which accesses & uses user information, passwords & private keys to access funds.


Malware disguised as genuine software to trick you into executing it.

Insider Attack

Security breaches within your own organisation or a third party company.


What is not included?

Coincover protects you against someone taking funds without your permission. That means we don't protect against funds losing their value or for other situations that can lead to funds being lost...

Transferring Cryptocurrency

You or someone authorized by you wilfully sends cryptocurrency to an address.


Failure, breakdown or disruption of a blockchain network, such as a 51% attack.

Hardware Loss or Damage

Coincover do not protect against direct physical loss of or damage to any hardware.


Funds that you hold losing all or some of their value due to price changes is not included.

True stories of lost access​

$1Bn Inaccessible

On April 16, 2018, Matthew Mellon of the Mellon banking fortune died.

To his grave, he also took the location of the keys to a rather large amount of Ripple coin (XRP), another popular type of cryptocurrency.

Before his death he held an estimated $1 billion in Ripple, but without the keys none of the Ripple coin can be accessed

Priceless rubbish

James Howells, a cryptocurrency miner in the early days of Bitcoin gathered 7,500 Bitcoins stored on a hard drive. 

In 2013 he accidentally threw the hard drive away, along with access to his Bitcoins. The keys, along with all his other trash, ended up at a local dump. 

As Bitcoin reaches an all-time high of $65K, his buried Bitcoin treasure would be worth around $489,369,000 today.

$135m taken to the grave

In December 2018, Gerald Cotton, CEO of QuadrigaCX, Canada’s largest cryptocurrency exchange died unexpectedly.

Unfortunately for QuadrigaCX’s customers, Mr. Cotton was the only person who was able to access the customer private keys.

As a result over US$135M in customer funds held in safe keeping was deemed inaccessible, locked on the blockchain forever more.

Get protection in a matter of days

1. Contact Us

It only takes 30 minutes to understand your options and opportunities to get Coincover Protection

2. Due Diligence

Have your tech and business validated to access our protection guarantee underwritten by Lloyds of London.

3. Onboard

Seamlessly integrate into our API to ensure real time cover.

4. Manage

Initiate, adjust or cancel your coverage levels as your customers protection needs change.


How do your customers know their stake is protected?

Protected by Coincover stamp
When it comes to identifying the most comprehensive and ultra-safe cryptocurrency products on the market, look no further than the Protected by Coincover stamp of approval!
For businesses offering Coincover Protection, certificates are issued to to demonstrate to regulators & customers that protection is in place.

Coincover are used and vetted by leading organisations

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