The Protected by Coincover Product Range​

The highest protection for the contents of your digital wallet, so you get to maximise your opportunities in crypto.​

For when you demand protection but don't want to compromise on opportunity​

Whether you are storing your crypto assets in your own wallet, actively trading on an exchange, or have a financial advisor manage your crypto investments, you should insist your funds are held in a wallet protected by Coincover. So you are open to all the opportunities in the new world of crypto but no longer need to worry about the risks.​

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Explore the peace of mind you will get when you choose product ranges protected by Coincover​

Our partners incorporate different elements of the Protected by Coincover product range to provide their customers protection and peace of mind. ​

Bringing technologies and innovation to the Protected by Coincover range of products​

Multiple technologies and innovations are built into the Protected by Coincover range of products to deliver a guarantee you'll never lose access to your cryptocurrency.​

Multi-sig ​wallet​

Secure key storage​

Wallet monitoring​

Real time ID verification​

Transaction validation​

Protected by Coincover technologies in the products you'll want for your crypto journey​


Pioneered the world’s first multi-signature hot wallet


From wallets to wills, what you need when you are in crypto


Store and send digital currency safely


Buy and sell over 1,000 cryptocurrencies​

How to tell if you’re protected?

When it comes to identifying the most comprehensive and ultra-secure cryptocurrency products on the market, look no further than for the Protected by Coincover or Powered by Coincover stamp of approval! Ultimately giving you the peace of mind you need when owning cryptocurrency.​

Products covered by the Coincover stamp of approval combine different features to deliver the ultimate in secure ways for you to be in crypto.

Check the Coincover verified protection certificate for specific details on levels of protection ​

Example Certificate

Who we are​

Coincover is the #1 brand in crypto security delivering the safest way to be in cryptocurrency. We work with our partners to create high-security products that have our technologies integrated within them. ​​

Our partners include the leading cryptocurrency wallet providers, exchanges, lending platforms, portfolio managers and financial services providers. ​​

They trust our expertise and know our product technologies are revolutionary, delivering the safest way to be in crypto why simultaneously enabling access to the most promising and exciting opportunities in crypto finance.​

Brands who use the Protected by Coincover product technologies​

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