Theft Cover

Insured protection for your cryptocurrency, peace of mind for you

Prevention & Cure

When you hold cryptocurrency, you are likely aware of the risks of your funds being stolen. Our Theft Cover addresses this risk head on.

Affordable rates

Our premiums start from as little as 0.75% per annum with cover levels to suit all needs. We accept payment in Bitcoin, Ethereum and Fiat currencies.

Fast payouts

If the worst does happen, you can be assured we will help turn a bad situation into a better one.

Coincover Theft Cover is the first personal insurance protection for your cryptocurrency. There is no longer a need to worry about your crypto wallet being hacked and your funds stolen.

Theft Cover

Key features

Flexible cover levels to suit your personal needs

Low costs from as little as 0.75% per annum

No excess to pay in the event of a claim

Fully insured, regulated and authorised

Pay in Bitcoin, Ethereum or fiat currencies

In partnership with industry leader BitGo

Coincover has partnered with BitGo, market leader in corporate-grade multi-signature wallets,to protect your cryptocurrency.

BitGo wallets provide our customers with complete control, secure custody and continued access of their funds.

Cover levels to suit you

Select a cover level to suit the amount of cryptocurrency you are holding across all of your wallets.

It takes less than two minutes to get your cover in place and will provide peace of mind against theft.

Pick a Plan
Select a Theft Cover plan to best suit your needs.
Theft Cover

Theft Cover

Theft Cover

Theft Cover

Payment accepted in

Sign up in seconds for instant protection.

1. Sign up for Coincover in 60 seconds

Choose the level of cover you need and purchase for immediate cover.

2. Secure your cryptocurrency

Create your new wallets and transfer your funds.

3. Complete your purchase

Once bought, please visit our secure claims portal to complete your registration.

What our customers are saying...

“I was getting nervous that all my cryptocurrency was on exchanges.  I wanted to take control of my holdings but I was worried about cold storage. An online wallet covered against loss and theft works for me.”


Exchange holder

“I’ve started buying small amounts of Bitcoin when I can. I wanted something more like an online bank account but I’d read about hacks and thefts. Insurance for my wallet gave me the safety net I needed to start investing."


New to Crypto

“Have you ever tried to recover a hardware wallet? It took me well over three hours the first time. It was really stressful. I never want to go through that again.  With Coincover, I know my coins are safe and easy to access.”


Experienced Investor


Hackers stole over $4 Billion in crypto crimes in 2019 so far, up from $1.7 Billion in all of 2018.

Coincover Theft Cover pays out the value of your funds at the moment of loss with no excess to pay.


What’s included in Comprehensive Cover?

All theft and loss of cryptocurrency funds resulting from:

- Proven third-party hacks or theft of private keys
- Loss of wallet keys

What’s not included in Comprehensive Cover?

We only cover digital currencies held in approved wallets. At the moment these are provided only by BitGo. We do not cover digital currency held on an exchange or in wallets where Coincover does not hold the backup key.

For approved wallets we only have two exclusions.

- Willful sending of digital currency by you or someone authorised by you.
- Failure of a digital currency blockchain.

Which cryptocurrencies do you protect?

Coincover protects the following currencies:

- Bitcoin
- Bitcoin Cash
- Bitcoin SV
- XRP (Ripple)
- Stellar
- Dash
- ZCash
- Litecoin

We also currently support 122 ERC20 standard tokens.

Who are your insurance partners?

Coincover Comprehensive Cover is underwritten by Lloyd's of London members.

How do I pay?

Coincover accepts payments for annual premiums in Bitcoin and monthly subscriptions in US Dollars.

How do fund recoveries work?

We recover funds regularly so should get them back typically within 10 to 20 days. Our recovery process is simple and requires little input from you to complete.

- Contact Coincover to report the loss of access
- Your ID is verified and ownership of the wallet confirmed
- You create a new wallet to hold the recovered funds
- We securely signs the transaction to recover funds
- Wallet provider securely countersigns
- Your funds are then transferred to your new wallet
- Coincover confirms the funds have been recovered to your new wallet

If my cryptocurrency is stolen how long does it take you to pay?

We pay theft cover claims within 48 hours of validating the theft. Claims are paid in US Dollars. The value of the digital currency at the time of theft based on an external valuation.

What is the excess or initial deductible on a theft claim?

There is no excess or initial deductible to pay.

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