Cryptocurrency Will Kit

What's included?

Your Cryptocurrency Will Kit contains everything you need to prepare, set-up and maintain your will.

The Kit

Your Cryptocurrency Will Kit has all the materials you need to get started.

- Cryptocurrency Will unique ID card
- Two Cryptocurrency Will notification cards
- Instruction booklet

You'll quickly set up your Cryptocurrency Will, and your loved ones will have everything they need to retrieve your funds when you die.

Unique Cryptocurrency Will ID Card

This precision-engineered stainless steel Cryptocurrency Will ID card connects you and your cryptocurrency to your will.

Use the unique card and number to set up your will. Be sure to keep this card with you or store it in a safe place.

Executor Notification Card

It's important to let people know that your Cryptocurrency Will exists, and what to do in the event of your death.

Notification cards are included for you to hand out to whomever you wish. We recommend one be placed with your Executor.

Instruction booklet

Before starting to complete your unique Cryptocurrency Will, it is important to understand how it will work and what steps are necessary for it to be effective.

The Cryptocurrency Will instruction booklet provides everything you need to know to complete your will.

Order your Cryptocurrency Will Kit

Features include:

- Easy to hold - No hardware wallet to store or lose
- Easy to secure - No passwords to remember or share
- Easy to set-up - No long codes to enter
- Easy to store - No paper keys to store
- Easy to use - Accessible at any time