Protect your digital currency investments

24-hour wallet monitoring, lost key cover and insurance backed theft cover for Bitcoin and all major cryptocurrency.


Making digital investments simple, safe and secure for everyone.

Digital currency and cryptocurrency investments no longer need to be taken offline to keep them fully secure. We protect your digital currency, allowing you to safely access it in real time, and keeping it secure at all other times.

We protect 100+ digital currencies




Coincover is the first and only service to guarantee digital funds will not be lost or stolen.


 24/7 wallet monitor

Protect your digital currency at all times with early-warning alerts for suspected attacks.


Lost key cover

Lost your private key? We can help you to recover the funds in your digital wallet.


Theft protection

Rest easy with a 100% insurance-backed guarantee in case of cryptocurrency theft.


Never lose access to your wallet again

  • Simple to use - no need for a security email like other key recovery services.

  • Simple to set up - just a couple of quick ID checks to activate your cover and set up your account.

  • Free recoveries when you register. It’s unlimited recovery for unlimited wallets.

Sign up today for theft cover and we’ll cover your wallet up to $10,000 for free for the first three months

Total confidence that your wallets are in safe hands, with complete theft protection. We will protect digital currency up to a maximum value of $100,000 as standard. Higher levels are available on request.


Never lose access to your wallet again

Configure and keep an eye on your wallets’ protection with our simple, secure Coincover web app.


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