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This is why we created the standard for crypto safety


Our founders met while they were working together at The Royal Mint. Tasked with investigating the future of money, they became deeply immersed in the world of cryptocurrency. They saw huge potential – but also a huge problem: Crypto wasn’t safe. It’s a world targeted by hackers – and where the loss of a mobile phone or laptop can result in savings being lost. So in 2018 they founded Coincover to establish an industry standard in safety.

What qualifies us to do this?

Our founding team is made up of finance, blockchain, technology and cybersecurity experts, who’ve worked with the UK Government, NASDAQ listed companies, the police, and armed forces.​​ These are environments where safety measures can mean the difference between life and death – and where technology needs to be elegantly simple and scalable. Based on this experience, we have created the safety standard for cryptocurrency.

The Coincover Team

Adam Smith


Sharon Henley

Chief Product Officer

Cecilia Fernandes

Business Support Executive

Jamie Willison

Software Engineer

Matt Thurling

Full Stack Developer

David Heslop

Service Delivery Manager

Demi Necrews

Business Development Administrator

Nadine Beaton

Office Manager

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