Supercharge your digital wallet. Ride the crypto wave of a lifetime.

Our technologies and insurance backed guarantee protect the contents of your digital wallet, so you get to maximise your opportunities in crypto.

What are Protected by Coincover products?

With Protected by Coincover products we help guarantee you will never lose access to your cryptocurrency.

We partner with the world's leading cryptocurrency wallet providers, exchanges, lending platforms and financial services providers to create ultra-secure products, with an insurance backed guarantee through Lloyds of London, that help you maximise your opportunities in the new world of cryptocurrency and crypto finance.

We protect against risk.
Because leaping into crypto need not be risky.

We know that you're excited about the growth potential of cryptocurrency and we know you are looking at insurance backed secure ways to make more from the money you already have. That's why Coincover products are designed with security in mind because getting into crypto need not be risky.

What makes our product range unique?

Lots of people know Coincover for being the first and only solution to deliver an insurance backed guarantee against theft and lost access of cryptocurrency. But did you know we deliver the same Coincover protection and our industry-leading cryptocurrency risk mitigation products to some of the world's best-known players in the cryptocurrency space?

Explore our product range

Find the products that will help supercharge your crypto potential

Wherever you are in your cryptocurrency journey, from buying your first Bitcoin to getting the best rates on your ETH holdings. Coincover product technologies will help you maximize your opportunities in the new world of money and finance while our insurance backed guarantee means you'll aways have access to your funds.

Deposit Protection

Guarantees crypto deposits against the loss of funds in the event of a failure of a Coincover protected business.

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Theft Cover

Insurance protection for cryptocurrency, against theft of funds from an online digital wallet.

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Fund Recovery

Absolute certainty cryptocurrency funds will be fully recovered in the event of lost access.

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Crypto Wills

Protecting your legacy with your cryptocurrency, fully retrievable by your loved ones after your death.

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Buy & Sell Crypto

Options to buy, spend, store and invest in crypto that are insurance backed, safe, simple and easy to use.​

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Did you know we offer more than just protection?​

The original insurance backed guarantee against theft and lost access to your crypto​.

The products to help you get the most out of your crypto whether you buy, hold or trade​.

Let the numbers speak for us

Happy customers
Wallets covered
Coins & tokens supported
Funds protected
Bitcoins guarded
Funds recovered

Our partners

Insured by Lloyds of London Members

Coincover is the only service worldwide guaranteeing crypto funds at the individual level.​

Our Lloyds of London 100% insurance backed solution with no deductibles ensures your funds can never be lost or stolen.

Direct Ownership of Your Cryptocurrency

Coincover has partnered with BitGo, the market leader in corporate-grade multi-signature wallets.

BitGo wallets provide our customers with complete control, secure custody and continued access of their funds.

Registered with the UK Financial Conduct Authority

UK domiciled and registered with the FCA, Coincover safeguards funds and ensures complete compliance to AML and KYC rules.

Our clients need not worry; with Coincover they are in safe hands.

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