Protecting cryptocurrency from hackers and human error

Keeping crypto secure isn't just a nice to have, it's a must. Our protection and recovery solutions safeguard crypto investments, technologies and companies. Our technology actively prevents the worst happening and we help you recover rapidly if it happens anyway.

Digital Assets Need Protecting - We Protect Them

Coincover offers unique technology that shields digital assets for crypto companies and individual investors.
Crypto scammers took a record $14 billion in 2021
Getting back stolen crypto can be an uphill battle
3.7 million Bitcoin are probably gone forever


Monitoring and analysis to identify suspicious transactions from unauthorized access.


We’re well placed to provide compensation for certain hacks because we’ve insured our technology.


An end-to end-encrypted vault for ultra-secure storage and recovery of private keys.

Cryptocurrency Safety Solutions

For Businesses

Future-proof your crypto company to ensure you're protected against theft and lost access while staying ahead of new regulation.

For Customers

Protect your reputation and give customers confidence in your brand by providing additional security to protect their funds against theft.

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What Our Customers Say

“We’re thrilled to be working with Coincover to offer our clients that added reassurance surrounding their digital assets. Our partnership ensures protection from business theft that will safeguard users from hacking and other forms of cybercrime in a crisis."
Steven Bie, Chief Compliance Officer, VirgoCX
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"Coincover's solutions now ensure we can regain access to our client assets in the event of a business disaster and our customers are protected if there is a security breach on the Fireblocks platform."
Michael Katchen, CEO, Wealthsimple
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"We’ve seen significant growth in a short period of time. It’s clear Coincover has enabled us to differentiate from our competitors when customers are choosing who to stake with."
Baris Saydag, Founder, C0D3R
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“It’s vital for organisations handling cryptocurrencies to maintain disaster recovery keys properly. One of the first things we wanted to know was how we could do that for ourselves.

Coincover replaces the need for maintaining a team with cryptographic expertise, doing regular testing, and keeping physical vaulting for file storage. All of this is very expensive, and things can easily go wrong.

Outsourcing it to Coincover is extremely cost-effective and saves us a huge amount of time and effort.”
Christian Niedermüller, CEO, Blocktrade
Coincover is an essential piece of our security infrastructure, giving us peace of mind that in a disaster scenario, we can recover our fund assets.

The team has been professional and responsive, making the onboarding process seamless. We are excited to continue our partnership with Coincover, who we view as the market leader in their space.”
John McNiff, Co-Founder and CEO, Theia Blockchain

Who are Coincover?

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Founded in 2018, we’re on a mission to make crypto safe for everyone to hold and use. We’re dedicated to helping investors and crypto companies keep hold of their assets to give them the peace of mind they deserve. Find out more about us here.