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A safe route to recovery

Coincover provides a complete blockchain protection solution, addressing the most significant barrier to mainstream adoption: trust.
Our Access Protection solution securely provides encrypted, military-grade storage for key retrieval if you lose access to your assets. 

Protect against loss

Our end-to-end encryption and military-grade storage helps you rapidly and securely recover what's yours if disaster strikes.

Upgraded recovery

Remove single points of failure and work with a trusted third-party expert to create, encrypt and manage your backup key material.

Protection expertise

Access the most extensive and relevant blockchain protection expertise. Our experts regularly test and validate backup key materials beyond industry best practices.

Providing peace of mind

Lost Private Key

Lost private key

If you lose your private key, in the past you would've permanently lost access to your assets. Our backup service will help you quickly regain access to what's yours.

Business Failure

Business failure

As unlikely as it is, if your crypto service provider is unavailable, we can facilitate the recovery of your assets to another wallet.

Lost Device

Lost device

Losing a device used to access your funds doesn’t mean they are gone forever. We’ll work with your crypto service provider to reunite you with your assets.

How it works

Three steps to access recovery

ACL list-1
Step 1

Set up an access control list (ACL)

You tell us who is authorised to request a recovery; they will form your ACL. After they verify their identities, a simple majority of them can request a recovery.
For extra protection, we will tell all ACL members if a recovery is requested.
Create andd store backup keys
Step 2

Create and store backup keys

We store the backup keys used to facilitate recoveries in multiple secure locations.
Only approved members of the ACL can access the secure locations and complete recovery, keeping your encrypted information as secure as possible is our absolute priority.
Request a recovery-2
Step 3

Request a recovery

Should disaster strike and you request a recovery, we verify the identity of a majority of your ACL members via video call to validate the recovery request.
We then retrieve your backup key material and send it to you securely to complete the recovery, rapidly restoring access.


Existing partners worldwide


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Protected crypto wallets


Existing partners worldwide


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Protected crypto wallets

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The blockchain protection company

Blockchain technology is changing everything. However, it brings its own set of unique risks. We ensure everyone is protected, enabling them to innovate freely, without constraints.
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