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Provide an additional safety net

Coincover protects businesses and their customers from malicious hacking and theft by proactively screening and protecting transactions.

Our technology is underwritten at Lloyds of London, so if a Coincover-protected asset is compromised, we may be able to compensate you for the loss.

Prevent theft

Our crypto threat intelligence database and machine learning models continuously monitor transactions to protect against theft and hacks.

Embedded intelligence

Our proactive technology flags potential malicious transactions across millions of digital asset wallets and transactions.

A recognised Trustmark

When your customers see the 'Protected by Coincover' badge, they'll know they're protected by experts in blockchain protection.

Threat scenarios we protect against



Coincover protects against hackers, stopping them from gaining access to a customer's private key and transferring their crypto to another wallet, preventing loss and providing compensation if we don't detect the bad transaction.

Enhance customer trust

Human error

If a customer accidentally sends their crypto to the wrong wallet address, for example, because of a typing error, our transaction protection can detect anomalous transactions and stop it before funds are sent.



Social engineering scams are a real risk. For example your client could be tricked into sending their digital assets to a malicious accounts under the pretence of an investment. In this case, we would flag the transaction as being sent to a known illicit address.

How it works

Complete protection for digital assets

Step 1


Integrate with Coincover's powerful protection technology to monitor for abnormal transaction patterns and identify illicit activity.
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Step 2


Receive proactive alerts to increase visibility and take action to prevent malicious transactions and account takeovers – keeping you and your customers' assets safe.
Step 3


We stand by our platform and our ability to protect your digital assets. However, to provide you with an additional safety net, our technology is insured against unlikely loss to provide compensation up to an agreed amount.

The blockchain protection company

Blockchain technology is changing everything. However, it brings its own set of unique risks. We ensure everyone is protected, enabling them to innovate freely, without constraints.
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