At Coincover we’re the number one brand in crypto security, and it’s our mission to make cryptocurrency safe and more accessible for everyone by removing fear and risk.

We provide a number of security products including Disaster Recovery and Theft Cover, both of which ensure the safe holding and trading of cryptocurrency.

Ensure the safety of your crypto with Wallet Protect from GateHub

We’ve partnered up with GateHub to offer you the safest and most comprehensive way to protect the cryptocurrency you hold in your GateHub wallets – that’s where Wallet Protect comes in.

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What does Wallet Protect provide?

Wallet Protect provides you with the highest level of protection for your crypto and provides the following benefits:

  • Multisignature – your transactions are signed by multiple keys which increases security and allows for easy recovery
  • Fraud Shield – real time scanning for suspicious addresses to detect fraudulent activity and prevent loss of funds
  • Theft Protection – cover up to $100,000 of crypto with Theft Cover from Coincover - underwritten by Lloyd’s of London
  • Personalised cover certificate – you’ll receive a personalised certificate confirming your cover level

Ready to protect your crypto? – GateHub are offering 25% off

GateHub are currently offering a 25% discount on Wallet Protect. Cover up to $10k of crypto for only $27 a year, or up to $100,000 for $216 a year.

Get Wallet Protect

It’s really quick and easy

It couldn’t be simpler to activate Wallet Protect on your existing GateHub wallets

Select the Wallet

Select the wallet you would like to cover

Enable Protection

Click 'Enable' on the balance screen or in advanced

Choose Cover Level

Choose the level of cover you need - $10,000 or $100,000

Confirm Your Payment

Verify the cover level and submit your payment to begin cover immediately

Get Wallet Protect