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We’ve partnered up with GateHub to offer you the safest and most comprehensive way to protect the cryptocurrency you hold in your GateHub wallets – that’s where Wallet Protect comes in.

Access Protection

Losing access to digital assets is a genuine concern. Coincover facilitates the rapid recovery of your assets if disaster strikes.  Our end-to-end encryption and military-grade storage helps you rapidly and securely recover what's yours.

Asset Protection

Asset Protection offers you the certainty and confidence that your funds are safe. In addition, our technology is insured against unlikely losses, providing you and your customers an additional safety net.

What does Wallet Protect provide?

Wallet Protect provides you with the highest level of protection for your crypto and provides the following benefits:

  • Multisignature – your transactions are signed by multiple keys which increases security and allows for easy recovery

  • Fraud Shield – real time scanning for suspicious addresses to detect fraudulent activity and prevent loss of funds

  • Asset Protection – protection through prevention first technology to move and store digital assets with confidence. Our technology is insured against unlikely loss to provide an additional safety net.