Rapidly recover lost access to crypto

A set and forget solution for private key backup

An estimated 20% of all Bitcoin is lost or stranded in wallets. Our disaster recovery solution means you can reassure your customers, investors and regulators that digital assets are effectively safeguarded.

End to end encrypt and ultra-securely store private keys

Get the peace of mind that comes with knowing keys are safely stored. Even if secure devices go missing, staff leave or business operations are stopped you’ll be able to easily recover digital assets.

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Meet incoming regulatory requirements

Regulators are increasingly interested in how crypto companies will protect the interests of their customers. Our disaster recovery solution lets you meet concerns around digital asset safety head on.

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A trusted third party with a non-custodial solution

Our unique technology removes sole access to assets for any single entity. Our access-controlled offline vaults act as a dual key safety deposit box to secure as well as streamline recovery if the time comes.

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We take security seriously

Access is protected with military grade encryption, storage in multiple locations and physical vaulting with decryption keys never exposed to a network.

Military-grade offline storage

Our storage devices are FIPS 140-2 compliant and are kept in physical vaults constructed to Federal Standard 832.

Extra layers of security

Deploy time locking mechanisms and safe words to protect from collusion attempts or unauthorized recovery.

Expedited recovery options

If access to business-critical assets is lost they can be recovered in less than 48 hours.

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