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An encrypted backup for your Seed Phrase

Coincover's Seed Phrase Protection means that you never have to worry about losing access to your cryptocurrency. Managing your own private key or seed phrase can be daunting, with risks of theft and  loss. 

Your private key serves as the starting point for creating a backup of your seed phrase. Ensure that yours is protected. 

Your identity is the key

Accessing your information is seamless rather than remembering a 24 word alphanumeric seed phrase, simply use your ID to get back what's yours.


Only you have access

You alone can start the recovery process, which is ensured using double ID verification. We work with trusted third-parties to ensure military-grade protection of your digital assets.

Protection expertise

Access the most extensive and relevant blockchain protection expertise. Our experts regularly test and validate backup key materials and ID verification technology beyond industry best practices.

Providing peace of mind

Lost Private Key

Lost private key

If you lose your private key, in the past you would've permanently lost access to your assets. Our backup service will help you quickly regain access to what's yours.

Business Failure

Business failure

As unlikely as it is, if your crypto service provider is unavailable, we can facilitate the recovery of your assets to another wallet.

Lost Device

Lost device

Losing a device used to access your funds doesn’t mean they are gone forever. We’ll work with your crypto service provider to reunite you with your assets.

How it works

Ledger Recover powered by Coincover

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Step 1

Set up Ledger Recover

When setting up your Ledger Recover login, you’ll first need to verify your identity using your ID card.
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Step 2


You’ll be asked to connect your Ledger Nano X and give approval to the creation of the backup to your Secret Recovery Phrase. Once approved, your Ledger Nano X will duplicate, encrypt and fragment your private key into three parts within the Secure Element chip. These fragments become the backup of your Secret Recovery Phrase.
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Step 3

Request a recovery

These encrypted fragments are securely sent to three independent providers – Ledger, Coincover, and EscrowTech that will store them in Hardware Security Modules (HSMs). Each encrypted fragment is useless on its own. When you request access to your wallet, two of the three encrypted fragments will be sent back to your Ledger device, reassembling them to build your private key.


Existing partners worldwide


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Protected crypto wallets


Existing partners worldwide


Transactions checked


Protected crypto wallets

The blockchain protection company

Blockchain technology is changing everything. However, it brings its own set of unique risks. We ensure everyone is protected, enabling them to innovate freely, without constraints.
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