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Coincover asks, "What's your crypto story?"

Coincover asks,

We spoke to Nicole DeCicco from CryptoConsultz,, a company that offers services for individuals, blockchain organizations and those looking to adopt the new technology into current business models to help make blockchain and cryptocurrency accessible to all.

We asked Nicole about her about her experience of crypto theft and her advice for keeping crypto safe. Here's what she had to say:


What is your crypto story?

I had a major hack and vulnerability in my own practises. I got into crypto in 2015, by 2016 I had built a mining operation out of my garage so I had 18 GPUs in my garage and I was doing very well in the very early days of Ethereum mining.  But about six months into it, I was hacked for 323 Ethereum. So even for those of us that do have a fair amount of technical knowledge or are very well versed in the crypto space, anyone can be compromised at anytime, through a variety of different hacks.

What is your advice for keeping crypto safe?

My advice to crypto investors would be around security practises and really learning what the standards are for best practise. Such as getting a dedicated device like a laptop to transact with crypto; really diversify your funds across different wallets, different exchanges; consider cold storage as an option. So I would build a strong foundation and consider tools like Coincover to take it to the next level and protect your crypto even further.

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