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Coincover at Consensus: The festival for the decentralised world

Coincover at Consensus: The festival for the decentralised world

The Coincover team are on the road again, this time we’re heading to Austin, Texas for Consensus 2022 by Coindesk.

The event will showcase and celebrate everything from blockchain to the metaverse and aims to ignite hard-hitting debates, and we will be there to bring crypto protection to the forefront of those conversations.

We are looking forward to talking to businesses about how our technology helps prevent them losing their crypto from theft and human error, as well as connecting with our existing customers.

We will also be talking about the launch of our first-to-market solution that aims to mitigate the risks associated with validator keys. Our aim is to further add credibility across the staking sector and help them attract institutional investors by ensuring organizations have robust, best-practice business continuity in place.  

Reach out to the team via telegram if you would like to learn more:

Tom Gillingham @chsamoht for validator key disaster recovery

Gareth Berry @whoisthatman1 for business theft protection & disaster recovery

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